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Recent Dice Rolls

User Win Amount Raffle Tickets
zennypmq0.15550000 DOGE1
cohotho0.15550000 DOGE1
vlad08030.15550000 DOGE1
ALL111US750.15550000 DOGE1
raperov0.15550000 DOGE1
Vital69ZX0.15550000 DOGE1

Recent Hi-Lo Rolls

User Stake Amount Multiplier Win Amount Result
dirasats0.00128000 DOGE4.000.00512000 DOGEWin
dirasats0.00064000 DOGE4.000.00000000 DOGELose
dirasats0.00064000 DOGE4.000.00000000 DOGELose
dirasats0.00032000 DOGE4.000.00000000 DOGELose
dirasats0.00032000 DOGE4.000.00000000 DOGELose
dirasats0.00016000 DOGE4.000.00000000 DOGELose

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